Schärdinger Amadeus originates from the whole milk cheeses made in Salzburg´s alpine pasture lands, from what are known as full-fat "cream cheeses" and the rural "Schwaige" cheeses. This cheese is made according to the recipes handed down over generations in Voitsberg, Styria. Stored for eight weeks on spruce wood boards, Amadeus matures into a delicate, harmoniously balanced taste experience. Fine Amadeus cheese is characterised in particular by its soft, smooth gold-yellow texture, the way it slowly melts and its subtle seasoning. Whether for traditional cheese dishes (soups, sauces, au gratin dishes) or on cheese platters, those who appreciate mild yet painstakingly aged cheese will delight in Amadeus. Amadeus is available from the 4 kg blocks at the delicatessen counter and as slices in 150 g packages. Amadeus was awarded the gold medal in its class at the 2008 Cheese World Championship in the USA.