Beerstein HB Munich Sglazed, No Lid
Bierstein Hofbraeuhaus Muenchen
Product of Germany

Product History:
"HB "Keferloher" pitcher, 1/2 liter, salt glazed"
From at least the 13th century, inns served beer in ceramic beer mugs.
The usual size was the 1 liter jug. Men also like to drink half a glass and women appreciate the half-liter jug ​​because of its lower weight.
The shape is simple and straight. The first large beer hall at the Oktoberfest was equipped in 1896 by the Schottenhamel family with 400 beer mugs without and 50 beer mugs with pewter lids.
At the end of the 19th century, breweries discovered the possibility of using jugs as a means of advertising. The brewery logo has been stamped into the stein and inlaid with cobalt blue.
As they were hundreds of years ago, these jugs are still made by hand in the traditional way.
The lid made of real tin protects the cool drink from dust or insects, just as it did then.
Tip: Chill the mug in the fridge before use. This way the mug will keep the beer cool and fresh for much longer.