Toadstools as tree decorations. Miniature sized wood art.
Discover our toadstools as sustainable wooden tree decorations to collect and give away. Particularly elaborately designed, we manufacture the mushrooms with three different animals in miniature. Hedgehog, squirrel and snail are lovingly made and painted by hand. Their manufacture requires special sensitivity - because some parts are just 2 mm in size. Each of the animals is about 2.5 to 3 cm tall. Each piece is provided with a yellow thread for hanging. For the production of our toadstools as tree decorations, we only use PEFC-certified wood and water-based paints.

Three different animal motifs to collect.
With the colorful mushrooms, we have turned the traditional Ore Mountain tree hanging into a real lucky charm. They not only give away loving handwork, but also a whole lot of luck, which lasts for generations. The funny wooden animals are designed for children and the young at heart and inspire all year round - be it for a birthday, for passing an exam or as an autumn decoration.

Width 48mm
Height 73mm
Length 25mm